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Nature Sounds

Thoughts by Dean Gioia

The world is an unknowable place. We live on its edges mostly, oblivious to its deeper essence. At times we all catch a glimpse, a moment when we know we are in the midst of something too big and wild to be understood.

To me, Sammy Tedder’s music has always been about what lies beneath, what lies beyond. He uses his musical sense to draw us in, to hypnotize us and open us to other possibilities. And the possibilities are a sort of woodland mysticism where saxophones speak in tongues with frogs and summer thunder rolls in harmony with homemade flutes.

Always there is the thing just beyond, just out of reach that he strives for. Perhaps he best coaxes it up on the CDs final piece "The Feral Sax". In this live wilderness recording, his sax wails out into the night calling to whatever is there. What is there is an owl, a chorus of frogs, and a primal answer. Tedder’s feral sax teases and taunts until there is no doubt that the forest is listening. He is master of the night in an ethereal dialogue with its creatures. Together they reach a crescendo where human passion seems inseparable from its animal origins. This is Tedder’s strength, finding the sounds both natural and man-made that speak to one another revealing an essential link.

Sammy Tedder is a mature and polished musician who describes his north Florida home with sounds emanating from its core. "From the Land of Many Rivers" is a mystic love song, a trip into the heart of the natural world.

Dean Gioia

Liner Notes by Joe Hutto

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