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About Making River Cane Flutes

Sammy Tedder and Pam Laws
"Spirituals are prayers of the soul.  Sammy's interpretations leave me no spiritual negotiating space and his music pulls me into that mystical realm between my ancestors and me..." - Pam Laws

"Pam’s voice evokes messages from those old souls of the past who endured profound hardship with hope, power, resolve and grace." - Sammy Tedder


  • Pam Laws - vocals

  • Sammy Tedder - saxophones, river cane and bamboo flutes, duduk, uilleann pipes, percussion, keyboards and background vocals

  • Rene' Arbogast - trumpet on tracks 1 and 5

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    Song Titles

    1. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? / Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen 5:23

    2. Twelve Gates to the City 1:27

    3. Hold On 4:31

    4. Hurry Up, Children – Tedder/Laws original 4:05

    5. Oh, Freedom 3:36

    6. I Know It Was His Blood 3:55

    7. Take Me to the Water 3:53

    8. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? 2:36

    9. I’ll Be Like Him Someday 3:27

    10. Let Us Break Bread Together 4:05

    11. Grace in the Mystic – Tedder/Laws original 4:22

    12. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me 4:28